Update from the Alpha's Resident Members

Dearest of Brothers, 

Actives remaining in the house have sought refuge in our humble abode, our beloved Teak Towers. Turns out sheltering in place isn’t too grim in the halls of our Little Fairy. We believe an update from us, the current guardians our beloved home and its sacred realms, is well overdue during these crazy times. To be honest, it sounds like jolly fun to us to author such a letter since the days run long, and the task list runs ever shorter in this trying era.

We have been trying to maintain the ever jolly and always loving status quo at our home. We have been consistently having Monday meetings, where house business is discussed, and openly debated with a vigor not at all made ill by any sort of novel virus. Workdays have continued as scheduled, and we continue to greet Saturdays with a delicious communal meal and several hours of important house maintenance.

We observe our increasingly holy and important other-worldly Thursday nights, which have become such an important part of each week in times where much of the world, for good reason, seems void of song and laughter. And we continued and finished our semester’s pledge process by inviting two incredible humans to change form with us, partaking in our sacred duties whenever we crossover. 

Two worldly weekends ago, the Deathless Band led by Vince Donato, our Bodhisattva, effectively swung Hunter Profant Komuro and Jonathan Jauqiun Herreros De Tejada Friedman, two noble characters who are now forever intertwined in our story. It broke these brothers’ hearts that we couldn’t host our beloved alumni, but rest assured — it was an excellent time full of illusion, confusion, hilarity, darkness and clarity. Beaches were stormed, seats were sat upon, and the charge was read marvelously by the one and only Jackson Gray (who set about memorizing the whole thing in its entirety!). Brimmers were poured, and of course there was a tubbing. 

Each of us is incredibly thankful to be here, in this beautiful home, during this pandemic. We have been social distancing and avoiding contact with other people, be they friends, relatives, or whoever. We are taking it very seriously, but we, as a society, have also been enjoying each other’s company and passing the time productively and beautifully. There have been house basketball tournaments, piñata parties, hiking endeavors, and barbecues. You can have faith in the Alpha that its actives are continuing our long fought tradition of making the most out of any time. We are ever so grateful to have the opportunity to live here, caring for each other and this place during all of this.

We hope each of you and your loved ones are safe during this crisis, and to hear from you all soon! Lots of love.

Lead or Die, 

Leor Bases I’17, House President
Vince Donato I’16, Bodhisattva
Will Brinkerhoff I’18, House Manager

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